From Casting Couch to Hosting Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan’s 5 Big Revelations


Here, have a look at Salman’s five big revelations!

This has to be one of the most candid Salman Khan has ever been. With a sore throat, Salman Khan opened up about everything in between hair transplant to Nepotism!

Bollywood and Casting Couch

Salman exclaimed that it’s disgusting if such a thing exists! “Agar beautiful ho, man ya woman, koi na koi pass to marega!” Though he admitted, “I have not heard anything like this.” Salman promised if he ever hears of  such an incident where someone has to compromise to pave their way into Bollywood, “I’ll take him down to the cleaners!”

Salman Khan’s take on Nepotism

Salman admitted he did not know the meaning of nepotism until Kangana Ranaut spoke about it! However, he added, “Jo successful aadmi hota hai wo talent Management Company ko kaam deta hai. But most of them want to sign big stars. They should concentrate on people who have the potential. The cost of production has become so high that no one wants to risk it.”

Salman Khan on Being Secular

Salman told no one today cares about religion in the industry. Everyone addresses each other as dada, baby, baba, ji etc. He reminded everyone that his father is a Muslim and mother is a Hindu. “Main apne aap ko isnaan bulata hoon.”  He even put emphasis on how much he respects the Supreme Court, the CBFC and everyone in the country!

Salman Khan on Hosting Bigg Boss?

He asked if we’ve ever peeked into our neighbours’ house. “Roz 10:30 mauka milta hai!” When asked if Bigg Boss is scripted, “It’s not scripted at all….How twisted the creative team would be…but this is where the country is going,” He said these (Bigg Boss) celebrities who talk trash are fools who are ruining their career. He spoke about how they do scandalous things to stay in-house and never get work outside the house. However, the stars who have behaved well inside the house got respect and work outside in the world. “Nobody wants to work with a badly behaved ill-tempered person. There’s so much to learn from Bigg Boss, but this is where the country is going,” he added.

Salman Khan on Journalism

“A lot of people are opinion makers these days because they are called on TV channels. They are shouting there.” Salman added, “If one person screams then you may hear him, but you can’t hear 15 people screaming together!” When eyebrows started rising in recognition, he was asked if he had any news channel in mind. Khan let that question pass and said he talking about no one in particular. Salman admitted, “I live a boring life, but journalists make my life interesting,”