CAUGHT AT THE AIRPORT: ‘Kiss Ready’ SRK With Katrina!

CAUGHT AT THE AIRPORT: 'Kiss Ready' SRK With Katrina!
CAUGHT AT THE AIRPORT: 'Kiss Ready' SRK With Katrina!

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MUMBAI: Step aside Emraan Hashmi. Bollywood has a new serial kisser in town! The latest star to pucker up, is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Our photographers spotted the ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ co-stars at the airport returning from the HT Leadership Summit in Delhi.

Shah Rukh was nattily dressed in jeans, a black blazer and a grey sweater vest inside to keep him warm in the freezing cold Delhi climate.

His co-star Katrina Kaif looked lovely in a pair of orange-red jeans and a white blouse. The duo was surrounded by bodyguards and man-Fridays to help them with their luggage.

Shah Rukh who had always maintained a “no kissing” stance in all his previous films, seems to have broken his self-imposed exile with Yash Chopra’s latest film, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

For the film, SRK is seen kissing his co-star Katrina Kaif several times, and he has even indulged in a bold lovemaking scene.

So what gives?

Shah Rukh Khan candidly revealed at the HT Leadership summit on Friday, “I had a couple of rules actually – that I won’t ride a horse and I won’t kiss. Both are cumbersome. I don’t know how to do both on screen.”

But kiss on screen he did, because, “when heroines say that ‘I wore a bikini because the story demanded me to’, I did it because the story demanded it. Believe me or don’t believe it.”

Another contributing factor to his on-screen kiss was the late Yash Chopra. The filmmaker convinced the star that this was an integral part of the film. Reveals SRK, “He spoke to everyone and he said ‘Shah Rukh, this is a requirement.”

Striding in with the ex-girlfriend of Salman Khan, sharing great on-screen chemistry with her in the film, the question of the four year old spat between himself and Salman Khan, was inevitable: “My thing is that we had a little bit of personal issue. This is not the first time. It was four years ago and it had been before.

“We have been very close for 20 years and even more. From the time I came, I respect his family and the fact that they gave me so much of love. I can never be disrespectful about that. Having said that, we have grown together.”

“We have certain things similar and certain things which we completely disagree on. So, at this point of time we are at that plain of disagreement and there might come a time when these things will get resolved, not resolved… but it will never be on a public platform. It will be a personal thing.”

SRK was also clear that if they were ever to resolve their differences, it would be in private and just between the two of them. No third party would be involved, and it would never be for a film or a particular director/ producer.

Of course, the poor man must be tired of being asked about the fracas each time he steps out to give an interview or public appearance. The fight itself was over 4 years ago, at Salman’s then girlfriend Katrina’s birthday party.

We say: let bygones be bygones! And let the two grown men sort out their personal differences amicably, away from the public gaze.

Until then, let’s fully enjoy our favourite hero in a completely new light: that of the kiss-ready loverboy!