CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Preity Zinta’s Brush With The Law


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MUMBAI: Her career in films may be tottering to a neat full stop, but that hasn’t kept the bubbly Ms. Zinta out of the news. Forever being snapped by our shutterbugs at various social events (including Hrithik Roshan’s blowout birthday bash early last week), we now spotted Preity Zinta at the Girgaum court, in connection with the defamation case she had filed on a city tabloid, years ago.

Way back in 2005, Preity Zinta had filed defamation case filed against a city tabloid, for publishing certain sensitive material about her and Salman Khan. A case was filed the newspaper for publishing the text of a telephonic conversation between her and actor Salman Khan, which allegedly had sexual overtones. The tape questioned Preity’s relationship with the macho superstar.

The conversation in question was supposedly between Salman Khan and his then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, in which Salman referred to his more-than-friendly relationship with Zinta. The transcript of this conversation was splashed in the newspapers, and Ms Zinta didn’t take too kindly to it, and went ahead and slapped a suit of defamation on the said newspaper.

The case has been on since 2005, and Preity has been patiently appearing in court diligently for the last 8 years.

Looking a bit frazzled and out of sorts, the usually lovely dimpled Preity was harrowed when she spoke to the media about the hearing on Wednesday afternoon. Dressed in a pink satin singlet, with a pair of denims and a light grey cardigan on top, we were shocked to see how much weight Preity’s lost in the last few months. She was looking extremely pale, as she bravely spoke outside the court, giving the reporters sound bytes.