SHOCKING! CBFC Bans Raveena Tandon’s Maatr?

Raveena Tandon’s Maatr has been refused to be certified by CBFC as they feel that the film content is very different from the screenplay that was earlier submitted to the board.

The Central Board Of Film Certification has allegedly again posed problems before the release of a Bollywood film. There are reports doing round in the media that Raveena Tandon starrer Maatr has been refused to be certified by the CBFC.

The film which was supposed to release on April 21, this year, seems to postpone its release due to the certification issues. The film is a rape and revenge thriller which features Raveena in a role of a single mother who fights for her daughter.

The board says that the film’s final output is very different from the screenplay that was submitted to them earlier. According to a report of Quint, the reviewing committee of the CBFC walked out of the screening of the film saying that the filmmakers have violated several guidelines. They said that the film is high on violent scenes, which the board cannot permit to show to the common viewers.

“Maatr has graphic and gruesome violence against women. The film is carpeted with maa-behen expletives. We can’t even recommend that the abuses be beeped as they run through the course of the film in an ongoing rush of profanity,” says a source at CBFC.

The source added further on saying, “Rape sequences are always tricky. We never know when they stop becoming shocking and get into the voyeuristic or titillating zone. In Maatr, the women’s violation is subject to allegations of excessive elaboration. Though the film is well-intended and hard hitting, we cannot take the risk of incurring the wrath of organisations devoted to prevention of violence against women.”

Pinkvilla contacted Raveena asking about her opinion on CBFC’s action on her film. The actress replied saying, “Censor Board is bound by archaic laws which need to change according to the times we are living in. Maatr is story that needs to be told – enough of sugar-coating harsh realities… We will continue to remain indifferent to the brutality and Rape will remain a taboo in our society.”

Now there are reports that the CEO of CBFC, Anurag Shrivastava has denied all such rumours of the film being denied certification. “The screening of the movie ‘Maatr’ for CBFC was done yesterday evening and at the moment there is no screening of ‘Maatr’ again. The ban on the movie is false, as the examination committee is still in process and the result will be conveyed in a day or two,” he said.

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