CBFC To Issue Censor Certificate On Tatkal Basis Speeds Up Online Certification Process


Censor-BoradFilmmakers will be relieved after knowing that the Central Board of Film Certification has decided to soon start issuing Tatkal based censor certificates to films who need it urgently. Now in case of emergency, after making their valid points filmmakers can pay extra and get a certificate within just a day or two. Quite fascinating right!

According to reports CBFC has already started issuing Tatkal certificates to small TV promos and theatrical trailers to filmmakers who are in a hurry to meet their release dates. During the release of every film sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances the clearance of the film from the censor scissors is delayed which disrupts the whole process of postproduction. This can now be avoided by acquiring a Tatkal certificate to speed up the process, which will ultimately save crores of losses, which would otherwise have occurred due to the postponing of the release date.

The censor board Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani says, “If passport and visa can be made available on tatkal basis, why can’t we certify films at a short notice?” Needless to stay many Bollywood filmmakers have come forward, accepted and appreciated this scheme and it will soon be applied to southern film industries as well. With the past few months being a cold war between the film fraternity and the CBFC, this unique initiative will certainly help bridge the gap between the two.

Chairman Nihalani has made quite some changes after taking the position resigned by Leela Samson. The online film certification portal, which began months ago, is now being restructured to speed up the process. Nihalani has given his word that within three months the entire certification process will be done online. There won’t be any need for producers to visit the CBFC office and that it will benefit the producers. CBFC CEO Dr. Shravan Kumar believes that the online portal will help achieve transparency and 99% of the issues will be sorted out.