Celina Jaitly Supports Gay Rights With A Song

Imran Khan-6Celina Jaitly who is known to support Gay Rights was recently in Mumbai to launch the first ever music video that supports the cause.

The video titled The Welcome features a man who brings his special friend to meet his family. They are shocked when he and his partner step out of the car, but the head of the family, their grandmother, welcomes them with open arms, the rest of the family too embraces them and welcomes them into her home.

“Music has the power to move people. Music is the universal language, which would be understood by all and the video is living proof of it. People from all over the world who don’t have anything to do with India have truly appreciated it.” stated Celina Jaitly post the video was launched on line.

The video has had more than 280,000 views since it was put up on April 30, 2014.

“Bollywood represents Indian culture, which has always been larger than life, which is very colorful. In Bollywood whenever we want to express something, especially love we do it through a song. Everything is done through music.” added Celina Jaitly.

Celina Jaitly noted Indians publicly declared their sexual orientation and came out in the workplace after the Delhi High Court in 2009 struck down the country’s colonial era sodomy law.

“It was a great day in history for the LGBT community in India because they were no longer criminals. Now it is really a shocking and rather a terrible threshold of life for people.” said the former Miss India.

The Office of The U.N. High Commissioner For Human Rights have produced the music video that contains a remixed version of the Uthe Sab Ke Kadam, from the film Khatta Meetha (1979).

With the laws criminalising same sex love in India, The U.N. High Commissioner For Human Rights along with Celina Jaitly wanted to make a statement. So their global equality campaign, Free And Equal created a Bollywood style music video in support of gay rights.

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