We Have Censored Dialogue in ‘Heroine’ On Dubai: Madhur Bhandarkar

Madhur Bhandarkar with his Heroine Kareena Kapoor
After people took objection to Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue in ‘Heroine’ about Dubai, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has censored it to avoid hurting sentiments.

MUMBAI: Director Madhur Bhandarkar has come out in the open about the controversy over “Heroine” trailer and says they did not mean to demean anyone.

“We have censored it. It has been censored for Dubai and has been passed by the censor board. There are some people who have raised objections. But we did not mean to demean anyone, Dubai is my personal favourite city,” the 43-year-old said here in an interview.

In the film’s promo Kareena Kapoor, who plays the lead role, says, “You media people should be writing scripts. If a heroine buys a car, it’s gifted to her by a businessman. If she goes to LA (Los Angeles), she’s getting plastic surgery done and, god forbid, if she goes to Dubai, you people make a rate card for her.”

Giving clarification over the dialogue, Bhandarkar said: “When Kareena Kapoor says it in the film, she has this point of view that such is people’s perception.”

The director has said soon he will decide upon changes in the promo. “I think there have been films where Dubai is linked with the underworld. The trailer we showed in Dubai was already censored and I’ll sit down with the producer and see what needs to be done,” he said.

“Heroine”, which tracks the journey of an actress, also stars Arjun Rampal. The film is slated for a Sep 21 release.