This Co-Star Of Salman Khan Is Allegedly Undergoing Charges Of A Hit And Run Case


Just like Salman Khan’s hit and run case, there is another one that is not spoken about enough. Well! It’s his very own co-star, Bhagyashree from Maine Pyar Kiya. Salman Khan got convicted in 2015 after the very long running 2002 hit and run case. But the actress has been charged with the case by a Santacruz resident Mohammad Nausif Shaikh who claims that at around 3 pm on November 2, 2016, a white speeding Skoda jumped onto him and injuring his left leg. He says it was Bhagyashree’s car.

The actress’s husband Himalaya Dasani along with his associates visited the victim in the hospital. Shaikh filed a FIR stating that Dasani told him his wife was driving the car.

However there are allegations that the police registered a weak case and didn’t invoke sections 134 A (duty of driver in case of accident and injury to a person) and B (give on demand by a police officer any information required by him, or, if no police officer is present, report the circumstances of the occurrence) of the Motor Vehicles Act of the IPC despite Bhagyashree allegedly driving away from the spot and not helping the victim or informing the police.

When the officials were asked about the progress in the case, they claimed that the police have recorded the actress’s statement in which she’s said that it was not she who was driving the car, it was her driver. When the official was told that Shaikh had claimed that Dasani had admitted in the hospital that Bhagyashree was behind the wheel, he said, “The complainant didn’t tell us this.”

So far, no witnesses have been found and no CCTV footage has been captured.

Bhagyashree’s husband Dasani who first said that his wife was driving is now saying that “The driver was driving. The complainant is trying to blackmail us. We have a letter from him stating that he took help from us. We have enough evidence, including call recordings, to prove that he’s trying to extort money from us. We had paid him in the hospital. Media should not encourage such kind of people. We are going to file a case of blackmailing and extortion against him soon.”