What Is Common Between Singham Returns And Krrish 3?

SinghamWhen you have Ajay Devgn playing Bajirao Singham, it is difficult to look for anything else and overlook certain obvious stuff. But we didn’t. There is one feeling in Singham Returns that it shares with Krrish 3. Confused? Let us explain.
These days, coming of age is the new in thing in Hindi films. Everyone wants the youth to grow up and take responsibility of their actions. In such a scenario, came Krrish 3 screaming aloud that Krrish is an emotion. There is a Krrish in everyone of us.
Next comes Singham Returns, Ajay Devgn instills in everyone a renewed faith in Mumbai Police. Again, he too asserts that Singham resides in each one of us. We just need to instigate at the right moment for our country and nation.
What’s with the Filmmakers? Why are they looking for their characters in us? Beats us!