This Is The Condition By Jennifer Winget To Do Intimate Scenes In Beyhadh


Sony Entertainment show, Beyhadh is gaining popularity and recently complete 100 episodes. This romantic thriller has received good fan following since the inception of the show. The show’s central star cast includes Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri.

As we all know, in the show Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon are married and it is only fair the husband-wife will have some blazing chemistry. For an episode, Jennifer was supposed to shoot an extremely intimate scene with her onscreen hubby, Kushal.

Like a thorough professional, Jennifer agreed to do the scene but on this condition.

Jennifer said she will go ahead only if the media present on the set would leave. It was not only because the scene is sexy and intimate, but also because it required complete focus and thus she politely asked media persons to leave.

A source said, “Yes, this happened when we were shooting in Kanjurmarg in the Cinevistaa premises. We do get journalists on the set and that was one such day. For some time we thought that it might be a difficult situation to handle but Jennifer was rather polite in her way of asking. Things got sorted out much sooner than expected.”

When contacted, she told an online entertainment portal, “Yes, I did the request for the media to not be present while shooting a particularly intimate scene for Beyhadh. In fact, I would have done so for any important scene on the show that required my complete focus without having to worry about any additional member other than the routine crew we are used to.”

She further added, “I think it was a fair request. We are entitled to some private space to give our best in our jobs, just as anyone else. Our private lives inevitably enter the public domain and I believe we set aside enough and ample time to speak to, collaborate, co-operate and clarify a whole lot of things with the media. Don’t see how a humble request to safeguarding the little privacy as a lady first, if not an actress, should be posed as being rude on my part.”