Big Revelations Made By Dhanush’s Alleged Parents In Court Today

In the court case of the popular Tamil star Dhanush and a couple who claims to be his parents had a hearing on Tuesday before the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court with his mother Vijayalakshmi. They claimed that Dhanush had run away from home to enter Kollywood films and also sought maintenance from him. The couple has claimed a compensation of Rs 65,000 per month as maintenance.

The elderly couple, Kathiresan, and Meenakshi who say that Dhanush is their third son, claimed that he had to birthmarks that would confirm their claim – a mole on his right collar bone and a scar on his right forearm. The ‘Kolaveri Di’ star was in the court to verify his birthmarks and quash the case.

During the case, they made some shocking revelations about their alleged son Dhanush which were reported by Deccan Chronicle.

Till he was class 8, Dhanush stayed with them. Then they moved him to a new school for which he stayed in a hostel and he later ran away. In their search for him, they realized that he with Kasthrui Raja. They were not allowed to meet him when they tried.

Dhanush has submitted his class 10th and transfer certificates proving he studied in Chennai. He also submitted documents that state Dhanush’s first movie ‘Thulluvadho Illamai’was out in May 2002, as opposed to what was claimed by his alleged parents that he registered for employment in June 2002 and that he enrolled for 11th grade in a school.

According to the birth certificate submitted by the actor, he was born on July 28, 1983. The couple, however, claims that the certificate is not genuine as it does not have Dhanush’s name on it and was issued on June 21, 1993, ten years after he was born. The couple’s counsel argued that a birth certificate after ten years from the date of birth cannot be issued without the child’s name.

The actor claimed that his birth name R K Venkatesh Raja was changed to Dhanush K Raja in 2003, but in the documents produced before the court by the elderly couple’s side claims that it shows the name Dhanush in 2002.

Dhanush’s father’s name in the birth certificate says Krishnamoorthy. But he changed to Kasthuri Raja in Feb 2015. But the couple claims that the film Thulluvadho Ilamai was directed by Kasthuri Raja way back in 2002.