Corsica Diaries: Teaser Making Of Ranbir Kapoor And Deepika Padukone’s Tamasha 


Deepiak-Ranbir-TamashaRanbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer upcoming film Tamasha‘s teaser during their time in Corsica is making its round all over the internet. The video, starts with a Corsican song playing in the background, with few different shots of set, city and behind the scenes. We see Ranbir Kapoor and team of the film share their experience while shooting in the beautiful city.

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This is the first time that Bollywood visited Corsica to shoot. In the video, Ranbir Kapoor is heard saying, “With this film, I think a lot of doors have opened. A lot of Indian films are going to come and shoot in Corsica.” The actor went further on and said, “The people, their food, their culture. how nice they are. They are so strongly proud of their culture, it’s very similar to Indian culture. The time, the experience in Corsica was fabulous.”

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The people of Corsica accepted and enjoyed the on-going shoot of Tamasha. In the teaser, we see the locals of the city joining in at the shoot, dancing with Deepika and Ranbir, sharing the same energy and strong vibe. As the shooting schedule came to its end, we see the team of Tamasha say goodbye to the team of Corsica and part their ways.

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