Crazy Vidya, Lazy Emraan Launch Song From ‘Ghanchakkar’


MUMBAI: Bollywood actors are ready to go to any lengths to promote their films. This was proven once again at the ‘Lazy lad’ song launch for the film ‘Ghanchakkar’, where Vidya went crazy and Emraan became lazy!

Vidya Balan, whose look in the film is a fashion trainwreck, channeled her inner middle-class Punjabi housewife by wearing a ghastly printed (too tight) tee, a pair of jeans and an overdose of makeup. Emraan, on his part, looked like the ‘lazy’ con man he’s portraying on screen, dressed in (hold your breath!) a pair of red, polka dotted pyjamas!

Director Rajkumar Gupta said, “Vidya is crazy and Emraan is lazy in the film. This song is a tribute to all the husbands and boyfriends and this song is part of the film.”

Vidya said that she wasn’t sure at all about signing the dotted line for ‘Ghanchakkar’, but the director convinced her she could pull it off.

“When Raj offered me this film I said it was outrageously and hilarious I was not sure about it but Raj convinced me to do the role. It was fun doing this film,” she said.

When asked if her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur was lazy, just like Emraan in ‘Ghanchakkar’, Vidya laughed and said, “He is not lazy at all. I wish he was! He is working most of the time.”

Vidya closed by touching upon her experience at Cannes, when she wisely said, “I believe I am the best. I just enjoy being myself. My experience in Cannes was very special and it was memorable. I was in the jury and what more can I ask for.”