DABANGG 2: 3 Days To Go, Family Attends Screening


[imagebrowser id=252] MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg 2’, one of the most eagerly anticipated Bollywood films of 2012, is a mere 3 days away from its theatrical release. Which means that it was only a matter of time, before the film’s makers brought out the big guns; and arranged a special screening for their friends in the industry.

Present at this very special screening were ‘Dabangg 2’ director Arbaaz Khan, playing host to his set of friends from Bollywood. We spotted Arbaaz’s close friend Sanjay Kapoor, dressed in a very similar shirt and jeans. So much so, that the two could have even been brothers, for the way they were dressed and the camaraderie they portrayed!

Sonakshi’s mother Poonam Sinha too came along to see her daughter’s work in the film.

Mum’s the world for Sonakshi, for she revealed to us how seriously she follows her mummy’s advice. “My mum is my biggest critic and I take her opinion very seriously because I know that is one person, who is saying it only for my good and nobody else. If I could have done it much better or if the outfit is not looking good, she will tell me then and there itself. The best part is she is so honest about it. My father thinks everything I do is good only.”

When quizzed if she takes her family opinion before signing any film, Sonakshi quipped: ‘I consult my whole family before signing a film because they have been in the industry for long, so it’s the logical thing to do. My mum sometimes sits with me also for the narration, my dad (Shatrughan Sinha) is not always there so I give him a gist of the narration. Till now, my brothers (Luv and Kush) have not criticized me and are very proud,’ said the 25-year-old actress.

Surprisingly, the paparazzi could not spot the usual suspects: Salman Khan, the lovable hero of the film, who plays the role of corrupt cop ‘Chulbul Pandey’ with élan, and his on-screen wife ‘Rajjo’ aka Sonakshi Sinha.

Perhaps the duo are visiting the Capital City: According to sources in the Delhi Police, Salman Khan is to arrive in the city today and pay a tribute to the police martyrs, by holding a special screening for them.

Confirmed an officer, “Salman Khan will watch movie with the kins of the five policemen who died during the Dec 13, 2001, Parliament attack. The meeting with Salman Khan will be motivational for the force.”