DABANGG 2: Salman Khan Promises A Sweeter Chulbul Pandey

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha in 'Dabangg 2'
Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha in ‘Dabangg 2’

MUMBAI: When Bollywood director Abhinav Kashyap decided to not be part of ‘Dabangg 2’, Arbaaz Khan had to step in and take up the director’s seat!

Turns out, that the Khan brothers believe that it happened for the best, even though both Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan had massive fights during the making of ‘Dabangg 2’.

Describing how the fights went, Salman says, “Creative debates turned into arguments. It went on till one of us too a step back, calibrated our responses. See, its either black or white, ‘tum bologe off-white hai grey hai’… what nonsense!” But that’s probably what will make ‘Dabangg 2’ an exciting movie!”

In the original Dabangg, Salman Khan’s character, Chulbul Pandey was almost always unhappy with his family, till just before the end.

“He had a step brother, his mother was married to somebody else, his father was no more, he was in two minds about trusting his brother,” explains Salman.

But in ‘Dabangg 2’, Chulbul Pandey is a father and in a new happy phase of life. Super cute child actor Faizan Farhan who played Salman’s son in ‘Bodyguard’ is playing his kid even in ‘Dabangg 2’. We hear, that Faizan, so enamored by the box office king called him ‘papa’ even when the camera was not rolling!

Obviously, for the story of Dabangg 2 to move ahead, there will have to be a life turning event that will bring Chulbul Pandey back into his elements – with his one liners and spunky attitude. Salman describes Chulbul Pandey as essentially the same character, but with sweeter bits to him.

Drawing comparisons between real and reel life Salman says, “Sometimes I cannot react when I should; but Chulbul can. There are times when I should be tackling things head on, but then decide to step back, take the beating. But Chulbul takes charge.”