DECODED! Bollywood Celebs’ Names Are Used By Drug Dealers


The glamour industry has always provided a window into Mumbai’s underworld. Talking to a leading daily, the Mumbai Crime Branch revealed that the drug dealers in Mumbai use the name of famous Bollywood celebrities as code names for various narcotics.

The drug dealers of Mumbai have been using stars’ names to identify these popular narcotics. For example, when the underworld in Mumbai refers to ‘Sultan’ on the phone, it isn’t the superstar Salman Khan, but the supplier of the drugs trade. The names of Bollywood celebrities are used as code words to facilitate their deals.

Celebrity names that form part of this bizarre lingo are Kangana Ranaut (Afeem), Ranbir Kapoor (Host), Alia Bhatt (Cocaine) and Ranveer Singh, which is code for ‘peddler’.

The code for ‘LSD’ is global star Priyanka Chopra, ‘Ecstasy’ is related to Nargis Fakhri‘s name and Anushka Sharma is labelled as ‘Hashish.’

Well we are curious to know how the  Bollywood actors will react to this decoded trap.