Decoding Salman Khan’s Pick Candidates, Like You Pick Your Girlfriend

SalmanSalman Khan is never known for his witty lines. Wit is something he doesn’t have faith in. He likes to keep his lines cheeky, cocky and at times offensive. But he never believes in losing a chance to hit headlines. Recently, during the recently concluded Vidhan Sabha polls, he urged voters to pick candidates as they pick their girlfriends. Now that is one hilarious statement. We will tell you why.

A man, who is rumoured to have had breakuos due to his infidelity, is asking to pick candidates like girlfriends. Does it mean he wants the public to choose a neta and support someone else?

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In last couple of years, his choice of girlfriends has been foreign imports. So is he implying that the public should go for the foreign hand at play? Like say Sonia Gandhi?

Now, we all know how his girlfriends have fared. Many loved him dearly but his temperamental behavior drived them away. In fact many have even prospered owing to their proximity to him. So are you telling the voters to choose a person who will use their trust in them and then make himself prosperous without giving much thought to the voters.

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