Deepika Padukone Basks In Glowing Reviews From Across The Globe


Hollywood reporter in their review of Return of Xander Cage has said that Deepika Padukone has stolen the action show from none other than Vin Diesel.

Even though the film isn’t what critics would rave about, Deepika has shone in her role and she is getting major appreciation after the film has released in the international markets. Her character Serena has conquered the world

Deepika hit the ball out of the park as far as an Indian actor is concerned by being cast in such a popular Hollywood franchise film, Return of Xander Cage alongside a big name, Vin Diesel.

The unanimous feedback of trade analysts, critics and audience has been that Deepika has held her own in the film and how finally Xander’s character has found a match.

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There is a sense of utmost pride that we can see in the people here for Deepika Padukone.

Her character is so independent and strong and Deepika has coupled that with an even powerful performance in the film.

The makers too were so happy with what Deepika brought on the table that they decided to release the film one week prior in India, the team along with Vin Diesel even came to India to promote the film here and had a grand premiere in Deepika’s homeland.

This has led to the actress opening doorways for many others to explore global cinema in such a big manner.

The actress is overwhelmed and happy with the response, love and warmth that she has been receiving from her fans.