Here Is Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Choice For The Smile Campaign!

Recently Deepika Padukone featured in an ad of Britannia Good day biscuit pertaining to their new ad campaign, ‘Smile More for a Good Day’.

The team of Britannia always felt that Deepika was the perfect choice for the Smile Campaign.

Deepika, apart from being extremely humble and down to earth, has a million dollar smile which can make your day!

The ad showcases the dimpled beauty, Deepika urging people to smile more and be happy; she believes that a smile can attain things which a thousand words can’t. It’s indeed very true; a smile can do wonders which words can’t.

Even the brand philosophy of Britannia Good Day is “It’s a smile that makes a Good day”, the campaign captures the everyday smiles that helps cut across barriers, brings people closer and spreads happiness.

Mr Ali Harris Shere , Vice President , Marketing , Britannia Industries Ltd shares,  “A smile is one of the simplest gestures known to mankind, an expression that denotes sociability and happiness. And yet we Indians smile less. From here arose the brand purpose for Good Day which is to make people smile more. When it came to the choice of a celebrity who could best carry this message, the obvious choice was Deepika. Both Good Day and Deepika stand for similar values of simplicity, positivity, real warmth and cheer. Deepika is a perfect fit for the brand owing to her personality and the passion with which she takes up social causes that touch people’s lives in a deeply impactful way.”
So Deepika Padukone is indeed the perfect choice for the Britannia Good Day’s new campaign – Smile More for a Good Day.

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