Deepika Padukone Finally Breaks Her Silence On My Choice Video


Deepika-padukone-Shirt-FilmDeepika Padukone’s ‘My Choice’ video got mixed reaction from the audiences. Some of them liked it, while some of them didn’t, but the controversies for the video didn’t stop.

Many Bollywood celebrities came forward to keep their opinion towards Deepika’s ‘My Choice’ video. But Deepika who was featuring in the video with 99 other women chose to stay quite with her opinion.

In a recent interview Deepika Padukone finally broke the silence and chose to express her opinion for her ‘My Choice’ video. She said that she was disappointed at some level, as everyone knew the intention and the message behind the video.

In the video Deepika Padukone calls for the change in the ‘caged’ mindset of the men about women asking them to change the perception and judging them for their choices of clothes, profession and personal life.

In the interview she also said that she spoke to Homi Adajania about few lines that she didn’t identify with it. Its director’s piece she can’t mess with it so she chose to stay quiet.

What disappointed her was the issue that was so relevant at this point in everyone’s life and people were trying to blow it completely out of context. She was equally happy that large number of people also appreciated and understood the meaning of the video.

Talking about her not so immediate reaction on the ‘My Choice’ video, Deepika said that she is the one who never reacts at the spur of the moment. “I’ve never been someone who reacts at the spur of the moment. You have to let these things breathe and you have to allow people to react in the way that comes to them naturally and it didn’t need for my reaction at that point. In fact, no one even asked for my reaction at that point. They just jumped to conclusions”

Watch Deepika Padukone’s My Choice Video Here