Deepika Padukone And Men In Her Life

Deepika-FeaturedDeepika-Nihar Deepika-Siddharth Yuvraj-Deepika Ranbir-DeepikaRanveer-Deepika[tps_footer]When we say Deepika Padukone and her life, all people can talk about is Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. How she was crestfallen after the break up with Ranbir and found a freat friend and lover in Ranveer. But truth be told, Deepika had her fair share of moving from one man to another in quick succession. Here are some of the men who fancied and fancy her.

Deepika’s first alleged affair in Mumbai was with Nihar Pandya. They were acting school buddies who later got romantically involved. Everything was going fine until, stardom happened to Deepika. Apparently, they were also in a live-in relationship. Deepika’s first film Om Shanti Om became a huge hit and she decided to move on, without informing Nihar.

Deepika Padukone made a pit stop at Yuvraj Singh before proceeding towards Ranbir Kapoor. Although they never owned up to it, they were often spotted together having a cozy time. But it wasn’t meant to be and the two allegedly broke up. That paved the way for Ranbir Kapoor’s entry after Baachna Ae Haseeno and they were together for close to three years. They were the ‘It’ couple of Bollywood and Deepika looked smitten by Ranbir. But rumours of his closeness to Katrina affected the relationship and both parted ways. After washing the dirty line in public, Deepika and Ranbir decided to be friends forever and must say are doing a fabulous job at it.

After breaking up with Ranbir, she was seen hobnobbing with the young and dashing son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Siddharth Mallya. Many called their friendship a precursor for relationship but before people could be sure about it, they split up. Presently, rumours are abound about her romantic liaisons with Ranveer Singh. From the looks of it, whilr Ranveer is smitten by her, Deepika Padukone is taking every step cautiously. What does she fear?

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