Deepika Padukone Opens Up On Having No Release In 2016!


The gorgeous and stunning actress Deepika Padukone is winning hearts in Bollywood and also in the west. The actress will be completing nine years in Bollywood in the next couple of weeks. In a chit-chat with a recent daily DP put forth her views and expressed joy on the same saying, “ I don’t feel like it has been nine years at all. I feel like there is so much to do and so much to learn. I don’t think I have had the time to sit down and think about it and to reflect on everything that has happened. I am someone who always looks ahead. I live in the present. Whether it’s bad or good, I rarely look back. Nine years is nothing. I feel like I have just started out, and have a lot more to give. It’s an extremely exciting time to be an actor“.

The Piku Star has marked her place amongst the world’s highest paid actress’ according to the Forbes list. On this too Deepika said, ” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my name in the list, but I think it’s an achievement not just for me but for all the women (out there). In fact, I look at it as an achievement for women from the film industry as well as other professions. It’s not like my focus was on being the highest-paid actress; that has never been my motivation. But, in the process of following my heart and doing what I love, if something like this happens along the way, it’s rewarding.”

Deepika‘s last film was Bajirao Mastani in the year 2015 which did amazingly well at the box office and now her next most talked about movie, XXX : The return of Xander Cage will release after a year’s gap.

When asked if such things affect the actress, she said, “Never. I don’t think there is any kind of strategy that one can put behind creative work. They (working on a movie creatively and working out its release date) are two different things. Everything that I have done in my life comes from my heart and my instincts. I believe everything happens for a reason, so there must be one reason why things have played out the way they have,” said the actress.

The Tamasha actress further elaborated, “In 2013, I had four films releasing, but I didn’t plan that. Similarly, if there’s only one film that is meant to release in a year, that’s also fine. I always look at it in a positive way, and tell myself, ‘That’s just the way it was meant to be’. I look forward to 2017, in which two amazing films are set to come out. They are completely different and my characters are entirely disparate. Hopefully, they will turn out the way I hope they shall.

Well, we congratulate her on completing nine successful years and we are ever so excited to see her back in action.