Deepika Padukone Spills The Beans In This Tell-All Pictorial Interview

deepika padukone

In a unique interview, Deepika Padukone spills the beans about herself and her likes.

Deepika Padukone shared a fun interaction with a London based Magazine where she is seen drawing giving out answers to questions.

Sharing that her favorite Animal is a Lioness for the fearless nature of the being, Deepika is seen trying her hand at drawing to express.

Bollywood’s leading lady is also seen bursting into splits as she tries to make a self-portrait, struggling to get a perfect hair puff.

Further, Deepika is seen giving viewers a visual treat by scribbling down her favorite food – Rice to her favorite Emoji to confessing to being a cleanliness freak.

Further, Deepika is also seen sharing the cheesiest pickup line that was ever used on her.

Curled up comfortably on her seat, Bollywood’s highest paid actress is seen winning hearts in her candid avatar.

Known to be one of the most down to earth celebrities, Deepika Padukone has many achievements to her credit.

From spearheading 2018’s 300cr magnum opus Padmaavat to being named the most Influential person by Time magazine to being recognized by Variety under the International women’s impact report to being titled India’s biggest asset by London based Evening Standard, Deepika has been conquering across the globe.

With a social media fandom of more than 75 million, Deepika Padukone commands hearts of netizens and is also the most followed Asian Woman on Twitter.

After being a visual delight on the big screens with her films, Deepika has given this adorable treat to her followers on Instagram.

Pictionary with @eveningstandard

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