Deepika Padukone Wants To Marry Ranbir Kapoor And Not Ranveer Singh?



The ‘Happy New Year’ actress Deepika Padukone recently made news with her strange advice to her Ex-Boyfriend’s current lady love, Katrina Kaif. (Oops! Deepika Padukone Doesn’t Want Katrina Kaif To Marry Ranbir Kapoor) Now the actress is again in the news for the same issue but for a different version.

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Apparently, it all started at a recent award show where Deepika was asked to be a part of a hilarious behind the scenes video, to which the actress agreed happily and answered all the questions spontaneously that were shot at her. Earlier the reports were that Deepika was asked what advice she would give to Katrina Kaif to which the diva rapidly replied, “Don’t marry Ranbir Kapoor”.

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But according to the latest version of the report, the story somehow goes like this, during the shoot of behind the scenes video, there were few card board cut outs with different Bollywood celebrity’s face printed on it, Deepika Padukone was asked to pick a card board piece and mention what would she do if she was them. To everybody’s shock, Deepika picked Katrina’s picture cut out and said, “If I was Katrina Kaif, I would marry Ranbir Kapoor.”

Well, first the rumour about Deepika Padukone asking Katrina Kaif to not marry Ranbir Kapoor, and then reportedly the actress wished the two on their alleged engagement and now this. Different versions of one simple story is surely playing with our minds pretty bad. We just hope that this is the final version and the story ends here.

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