DHOOM 3: Katrina Kaif To Do Serious ‘Acro-Dancing’ With Aamir Khan

Katrina Kaif will go through rigorous training sessions for 'acro-dancing' in Dhoom:3
Katrina Kaif will go through rigorous training sessions for ‘acro-dancing’ in Dhoom:3

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif would be training for a new form of dancing known as ‘acro-dancing’ for Dhoom 3. It has now been decided that Aamir too would be joining Katrina in this rare and intricate form of dancing.

While Katrina would be trained in Mumbai by acro-experts , Aamir would be taking lessons for the same in Chicago.

After rigorously learning belly dancing for the song ‘My name is Sheila’ in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan and another intricate form of belly dancing for the Mashallah number in Ek Tha Tiger, Katrina has moved to another far more complex form of dancing in Dhoom 3.

Acro-dancing! A very complex combination of classical dancing and the elastic-bodied skills of acrobatics, acro-dancing is considered one of the most complex forms of modern dancing.

“Yeh sabki bas ki baat nahin,” said a choreographer who heard about Katrina’s new and most daunting career challenge. “Not every heroine’s cup of tea at all. I once wanted one of our top heroines who is also a fab dancer to attempt acro-dancing. We practiced for a fortnight and then gave up. Iss ladki ko mera salaam.”

The choreographer’s salutation to Katrina is not unfounded. She will be spending a good two months practicing her acrobatics for the dance. Aamir will train for less time since he will join Katrina only briefly for acro-dancing.

Says a source, “Katrina will start with learning acrobatics and gymnastics suspended from a harness. This form of training for acro-dancing is really hard because it hones in on a dancer’s ability to maintain grace suspended in air. After this, Katrina will go on to training for classical dancing, and then do a combination of the two styles. It’s a huge challenge. But as far as her dancing is concerned Katrina wants to keep moving to a new level with every film.”

A world-renowned acrobat would be flown down to Chicago where Dhoom 3 would be shot, and then to Mumbai. Katrina and Aamir are expected to continue their acro-dancing training even while attending to her other commitments in-between the Dhoom 3 schedules.

“Katrina wants the dance numbers in Dhoom 3 to take her beyond Chikni chameli,” says a source.