Diana Hayden Blessed With Baby Girl With The Help Of Her Frozen Eggs

Diana[tps_footer]Yes, you read it right. Diana Hayden at the age of 42 now, has been successful enough in conceiving a child with her husband Collin. She preserved her eggs at the age of 32, where she had no plans to get married and didn’t find her Mr. Right till then, she made a very smart and secure choice for her future by preserving her eggs in Lilavati Hospital and followed all the procedures under the guidance of Doctor Nandita Palshetkar and Dr Hrishikesh Pai. And it worked out for her and she gave birth to her first born Arya Renee Hayden.


Here’s a pic of Happy Mom Daina Hayden with Baby Arya lovingly looking at eachother.

Woww !! This is a big example for all those looking for their Mr. Right, but don’t want to rush into marriage just to have kids or other needs. But plan out everything before time flies off. With the help of today’s technology and dedicated Doctors even the impossible thing at one point of time is possible today. Every woman will be able to enjoy motherhood by preserving her eggs before the time of conceiving a child ends. Usually, 35, 40 is the age where the quality of woman’s eggs start dropping. Time is ticking. We all can make our own choices but hats off to Diana for taking such a big decision and a right one too.


Diana, herself is surprised that it worked out for her and the eggs she freezed at 32 gave her the ultimate joy of her life at the age of 42. She shared her full story with media in order to bring a change in all the women’s life and encourage them to do this, if necessary, instead of thinking that getting married early is the only solution. Thanks to technology and doctors for coming out with such revolutionary treatments and solutions for a better life and a complete life.[/tps_footer]

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