Diandra Soares And Her Outrageous Looks In Bigg Boss 8 House


Diandra-SoaresssEach contestant of Bigg Boss 8 has left a mark in peoples eye during this season. Be it a fight, a romantic date between Upen and Karishma, Ajaz -Ali’s fight, P3G friendship or Diandra’s hairstyles.

While Diandra’s hairstyle is much to talk about. Fancy Hair styles seem to be one of the trends in the house and reminded us of ex-contestant Sapna Bhavnani.

This season Diandra taking the lead in the same was seen coloring her hair red, green and many more. While her hairstyles were not that less to talk about. There was too much redness all around when Diandra Soares is present. The heat automatically attracts you!