DJ Edward Maya Wants To Work With Priyanka Chopra

Edward-priyanka-chopraWhile the whole world is crazy about Romanian DJ Edward Maya, he is crazy about Bollywood. Yes, the international sensation loves to watch Bollywood films and wants to work with multitalented star Priyanka Chopra! Not only that, but DJ Edward Maya even loves Bollywood music and desires to work with Oscar winner music composer A R Rahman.

In a recent interview, Edward talked about Bollywood films and music and what they mean to him. Raj Kapoor’s emotional impact in films and Bollywood’s King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s ability to get in different character’s skin is what Edward Maya likes the most. “I like a very old actor like Raj Kapoor. What I like about Raj Kapoor is his movies. His films have emotional impact. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, has an ability to play different characters, and this is a rare talent and I like him,” DJ Edward Maya revealed.

During the media interaction after his event LIVE Viacom 18 on Saturday, DJ Edward Maya said that apart from Bollywood music and Indian spirituality, he also likes beautiful Indian women and so he wants to meet Priyanka Chopra and do a collaboration with her. Maya went further on and said that he likes Bollywood music more than Hollywood music for the meaning Hindi songs’ lyrics hold, that the story behind a particular song is what makes Bollywood different.

While DJ Edward Maya was on the topic of Music, he revealed his desire to work with music maestro A R Rahman. “I would like to work with A R Rahman – he is very talented and a very good professional artist,” he said.

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