Doesn’t Matter What Language The Film Is In: Sonam Kapoor


MUMBAI: Looks like Sonam Kapoor is not afraid of following in her father’s footsteps. Just like her father ventured out of Hindi films and did Kannada (‘Pallavi Anu Pallavi’) as well as English (‘Slumdog Millionaire’) films, Sonam Kapoor too does not mind working in films of another language.


Speaking to BusinessOfCinema, Sonam said, “I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what language the film is in as long as I like the role.”

Looks like the script and role should be good for Sonam Kapoor to choose a film in any language. But has she been offered any roles yet? She says, “I’ve been offered a few, but I really haven’t liked anything that makes me want to do it. Like I’m so picky with Hindi films, just imagine what happens with other languages.”

She does not have issues with doing films in any language, as long as she finds a character that will make her memorable. “As soon as I find a character that makes me memorable or gives me enough meat to chew into, then I’ll do that film. And I don’t care what language it is in. Telugu, Tamil, English, French, German,” the ‘Raanjhanaa’ actress said.

Looks like sooner or later, we will see Sonam Kapoor trying out newer shores with different languages. Let’s hope her characters in these films prove to be as memorable as Aisha.