Dream Moment For Sayani Gupta!


Sayani-Gupta-[tps_footer]Sayani Gupta is perhaps one of the most promising break through names in the recent times in Bollywood. She made a confident debut with a stellar performance in Margarita with a Straw which went onto become a raving critical success. But not many know the fact that this Bong beauty had to struggle her way to Mumbai to find herself in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the big streets of Mumbai.


Like most people who come to Bombay for the first time, Sayani was also taken to see Mannat by her cousins a decade ago when she visited bombay for the first time. They say destiny takes you places and for Sayani it certainly did. The actress who bagged a promising role in FAN with Shahrukh had a reversal of sorts while shooting for the movie. From being a person who’s dreamt to make it into movies, it was a surreal moment for Sayani who shot for FAN in Mannat.


Recalling her experience sayani said, “ It’s one of those things people do when they come to Bombay. Go see ‘Mannat’. Ages ago, during my first visit to bombay, my cousins had taken me to Bandstand and shown me the temple of love. Later I have had to take my friends who have insisted on seeing the temple and get photographed in front of Mannat. It’s a strange fetish people have. However, never did I think I would shoot inside Mannat some day! I was climbing up the front stairs and literally counting my steps. It’s really quite stunning. Whatever little we saw looked like a museum come heritage hotel. I was almost going gaga over some of the books that were kept. Again like many other special experiences through the journey of Fan, this was one of them!“[/tps_footer]