No Entry Mein Entry: 10 Girls Wanted For Salman Khan!

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Wanted, ten ‘girls’ for Salman Khan. And applicants have to get the superstar’s direct approval.

Boney Kapoor and Salman Khan share a very special equation. Even if they didn’t, Salman gets his way in every department of the films he shoots for these days.

From the choice of heroines to the editing, Salman has a say in the entire process of packaging a product.

When one therefore came to know that a check-list of the leading ladies is being prepared for Salman in No Entry Mein Entry one was not really surprised.

It is commonly known in the entertainment industry that one nod of approval from Salmanbhai can make a career, and one frown can freeze it.

No wonder Angela Johnson who was not too long ago painting the town in every shade of red and purple with every eligible leading man, has lately vanished from the social scene.

“Bhai’s instruction. She has been asked to lie really low until Sher Khan begins,” whispers one of Salman’s coterie.

And now comes the short-list of ten heroines for No Entry Mein Entry. Apparently, director Anees Bazmi is busy drawing up a list of the girls who could be signed up for No Entry Mein Entry. Salman would then look up the list and a call would be taken as to which of the girls to approach.

Says our source, “It’s a bummer. Because Bhai has made it clear that all the 10 girls would have to be A-listers. So there can’t be anything but the best in the list.”

Anees Bazmi sounded preoccupied with the task of selecting the girls for the list.

“Contrary to reports we haven’t selected any girls so far. It can’t be anything but the best girls. Just because there’re ten girls in our film we can’t fill up the roles with whoever is available. It has to be established names in all the roles. This is a very special film for Salman. It’s his first double role since Judwaa. So everything has to be twice as grand as No Entry. We haven’t been able to decide on any of the girls as yet. Because we want only the best. We’re in the process of drawing up a list of possibilities. Then we’ll take a call,” says Bazmi.

Needless to say, any of the leading ladies that Salman wants in, would happily walk in to the No Entry zone.