Esha Gupta Shuts Down Haters On Steamy Pictures With A Shocking Statement!


The model cum actress Esha Gupta defended her extreme photo-shoot by saying a statement against haters.

Esha Gupta has recently become the talk of the town. She is all over social media after her very steamy photo-shoot pictures became viral. And she has finally reacted to the ongoing discussions on her pictures.

Esha Gupta has uploaded a string of very se*y pictures via her Instagram account. They are apparently a promo of sorts for her new lingerie collection. Esha Gupta is seen in semi-n*de and n*de poses in the pictures. The actress has already blocked all the comments section on the racy pictures because of the haters.

The model defended herself in a recent interview with Miss Kyra, Esha Gupta told exactly what she thought of the haters. Esha stated that women are always considered at fault and she had expected this kind of outcome from the audiences.

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“In our country, women are eternally blamed. They are accused when a girl child is born; they are accused even when they are raped. So, somewhere I knew that I will also have to face a lot of heat. After all, it’s easiest for some faceless and redundant people to pull a celebrity down at the first opportunity. I’ve done shoots like this one when I was a model. I’ve gone topless and nak*d, too. No one ever asked me about that. And who are these people who have ‘issues’ with my pictures?

Esha Gupta clearly mentioned that she doesn’t care about others hateful comments and thinks her photo shoots are extremely aesthetic. “…It’s my body and it’s been shot aesthetically. There’s a thin line, which if you cross, you look vulgar. No one can say my pictures are vulgar.”

The actress added, “I got more love than hate, but it’s better to be hated than to be forgotten. And right now, I’m in my best shape. Although we knew where this could lead, we thought, ‘If not now, then when?”

The young model sure has made a bold statement by saying ‘it is better to be hated than forgotten’. Although she means well, the line does make us wonder if celebrities are willing to risk it all for the sake of being remembered.

Is doing crazy and bizarre things now a trend to remain in the spotlight? From quirky fashion styles to rather careless comments on serious issues, celebrities are now trying anything to be famous.

The model and actress Esha Gupta will be seen next in the action thriller ‘Baadshaho’. The movie stars Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi in the lead. Actress Ileana D’cruz is also in the movie. It is set for a September 1st release this year.

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