Will These Shocking Tickets Prices Affect Salman Khan’s Sultan?



Sultan-Salmankhan-Langhot[tps_footer]Well, Eid is here and it’s time for the year’s biggest, most-awaited Salman Khan movie, Sultan and we just can’t wait for another few hours to watch the entertainer. The country is set to witness the biggest Bollywood release with the movie opening in more than 4800 screens breaking all records. The film is also expected to be a huge box office hit in the opening week as it will enjoy a long five-day weekend.

However, there’s one thing that has left us all awestruck and will leave u surprised too!

Now, this might be shocking for Mumbaikars.

However, Delhiites are in for a harsher shock. Sultan’s show at PVR’s Director’s Cut is for no less than a humongous amount of Rs. 1800 for a VIP seat.

That’s much more than what you might shell out for a dinner date of two at a decent restaurant in these metros!

Now, shocked by this news, when asked trader expert Amul Mohan, if these hiked prices could affect Sultan’s collection, he said: “No, that’s never going to happen. Nowadays, it is a norm for the multiplexes to hike the prices (during the release of such a big film). They want to cash in on these big films, so that’s why you see these crazy big numbers. It is not something that would affect a movie. If a person is waiting to see a movie since a very long time, they would probably want to spend Rs 1000 on a ticket for a Salman Khan film, rather than a smaller film. Smaller films don’t have a big price tag. It is become a norm now. I personally feel that ticket pricing should be standardised. A Sairat made Rs 100 crores with tickets worth just Rs 100. Had they hiked their prices, sky would be the limit for them.”

Well, more than anything else, we want to know your take on this issue! Will you shell out Rs.900 for a show of Sultan? Tell us in the comments below![/tps_footer]