EXCLUSIVE: Parichay The Singer Talks About His Upcoming Song Saare Mundeya Nu With Sean Kingston 


Parichay’s upcoming song Saare Mundeya Nu features the pop sensation Sean Kingston!

Parichay, the Indo-canadian singer, composer and music producer has worked in Bollywood as well. He has composed four out of five songs of the film Loveshhuda.

The singer is coming with a new single called Saare Mundeya Nu, which features the pop sensation of west, Sean Kingston. In an exclusive conversation with Business Of Cinema, Parichay talked about his experience of working with him, Sean Kingston upcoming world tour, his future projects and much more.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Firstly, how was it working with Sean Kingston? 
– It was great. I have always enjoyed his music over the years. The fact that he has worked with people like Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaz and all the top guys. We are college friends. So, when I had this song done it had a dance-all flavour. So, I knew that he would like the vibe. So I reached out to him, sent him the song and he really liked it and gave a nod. He just sang his verse and didn’t even really write it.

Knowing that he is an international artist, How did you convince him to feature in a Punjabi song? 
– It wasn’t that hard because music has no boundaries. It’s all about the vibe of the song. He liked it. I explained the concept to him and he liked the beats as well. It was perfectly in line with commercial pop music.

You have also worked with Nargis Fakhri? So how was the experience? Did you make her sing the song or it was her only?
– I wanted her to give it a shot and it was the first time she sang. This was not even planned. When I reached out to her, she was just going to feature in the video. She came to Toronto where we shot the video. We reached the studio and I told her that we have got one hour. So let’s just give it a shot. If we like it we’ll keep it, if we don’t we’ll scrap it. She said that she wanted to nail the pronunciation. When she sang, we found itgood. So, we kept it in the song.

You have worked both on singles as well on Bollywood movie songs. But which one do you enjoy more?
– Personally, I enjoy singles and international collaborations more. I have been listening to old school Hindi songs as my mom used to play them when I was at home. When I was outside with friends, I used to listen to English music. So that’s who I am- bringing the east and west together. Having said that, film music is very different. I don’t like doing just one song in a film. So, while doing films I prefer doing the entire album. Otherwise, I like doing collaborations. Because then we get to do what we want to do. There are still a lot of restrictions while doing a song for a film. There are too many people involved.

Do you wish to work more in the Bollywood industry?
– Of course. I want to be here for 20 more years. And the goal is to do legendary things and not just one or two songs here and there. At the same time, I want to represent India in the west.

What about Kingston’s tour to India? Will we see you performing with him? 
– Of course. And it should happen early in the next year. He recently announced some 40-50 shows around the world, from Australia to Europe and Cananda. So, yes India is definitely on his list.

How different do you feel is the music culture of India when compared to out there in the west? 
– India has incredible amount of talent. You have got the film industry which is booming. And then you have got independent artists as well. The only difference though in the west if ‘Justin Bieber’ is as big as ‘Tom Cruise’. But in India the actors are always bigger than the singers. It would be good to see a stage where everyone is treated equally.

Lastly, what are the future projects that you’re working on? 
– I have a song coming with Fazilpuriya, next month. I have also got a song coming up with one of the A-list actresses of Bollywood. I can’t reveal the name right now. It’s a love song. That’s her single, so she will be singing 80 percent of the song. And she sounds absolutely incredible.

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