EXCLUSIVE: Raees Director Rahul Dholakia Opens Up On Difficulties Faced While Shooting With Shah Rukh Khan!


Raees director Rahul Dholakia opens up on the difficulties faced while shooting with Shah Rukh Khan.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is all set for the release of his upcoming project Raees. The dialogues of the movie are already becoming a rage and are creating a buzz among the audience. While everyone is excited about the film, we found out how it feels to work with Shah Rukh Khan. Also what difficulties the cast faced while shooting, from the Director of the movie Rahul Dholakia.

In an exclusive interview with businessofcinema.com, ‘Raees’ director Rahul Dholakia opens up. He speaks about the troubles they faced while shooting outdoor with Shah Rukh Khan. He said, “When you shoot outside, t is difficult to shoot with Shah Rukh but we did shoot. And we’ve had alot of security and stuff but you know everytime you do the security, the police and the security people end up taking pictures and selfies. So rather than them stop the fans they end up becoming and coming into the frames so you have to always ask them to move out.

Dholakia said that it was tough but well managed and the fans were very good. You know in Gujarat when we were shooting it, you tell them that please stay away and they would. So yeah that was very sweet of them and in cuts we shot alot with Shah Rukh. I don’t think he shot much out, he had stayed that much in Gujarat, more than a day I think. Here we took him for about 10 days or something like that. So it was awesome and the film needed that that it needed to be outside. We could’nt recreate that so,”

Talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s different avatar in the film and how much work the director had to do in the film Dholakia further reveals. He said, “No I think everybody helped in that you know because Shah Rukh himself is ofcourse is brilliant in the film. Something which like I always say is that we finished one schedule in June of 2015 and in 16 January, he came back after ‘Dilwale’. Dholakia further revealed that SRK picked up from where he left, his body language, his tone, his poses, his personna everything was as per Raees. So Shah Rukh is Raees in the film and has played that character so well, he has lived that character.

‘Raees’, which has Shah Rukh Khan playing the title role, will hit screens on January 25.

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