These Expensive Celebrity Divorces In Bollywood Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


While Bollywood is full of love and royal weddings, there are many Bollywood celebrities, who after getting married, opted to take a divorce. But, then these divorces are quite expensive as the husbands had to pay a hefty alimony to their wives. We have listed down some of the most expensive celebrity divorces.

Everyone wants to have a perfect love story, but do perfect love stories really exist? Love doesn’t come with a guarantee card and a warranty for several years. Love just happens!
It comes with its own imperfections which seem rather perfect when the cupid strikes. Moreover, isn’t love all about accepting someone with their imperfections? Something worth pondering!
Bollywood has transformed many of us into daydreamers and die hard romantics, to an extent where we idolise certain couples and are intrigued by relationships of the la la land!

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