These Expensive Celebrity Divorces In Bollywood Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


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Aditya Chopra Payal Khanna

2. Aditya Chopra and Payal Khanna –
Payal Khanna, a talented interior designer is the first wife of Aditya Chopra, the popular Indian movie director, producer, and chairman of a multinational brand of Indian Film Industry Yash Raj Films (YRF). Payal Khanna and Aditya Chopra got married in 2001 and filed a divorce in 2009. Although this couple looked perfect together, their marriage ended in a sad divorce after 9 years of togetherness. The reason for their dispute is considered to be Aditya’s relationship with actress Rani Mukherjee. The couple’s divorce again made highlight when rumours started indicating that Payal asked for a massive amount of alimony to end their marriage. Although there is no clear evidence of the amount of money Payal received post their divorce, it is believed the price Aditya paid for his freedom was more than what one can imagine. There is also a rumour that Payal received a palatial house in Juhu as part of alimony. Payal and Aditya do not have any children together, so, as there are no children involved, despair is at a minimum. The couple did not mention the terms of the settlement in the court documents and instead opted for an out-of-court arrangement. It is believed to be the most expensive divorce in the history of Bollywood.