Family Squabbles Over Manna Dey’s Assets As He Lies In Hospital


BANGALORE: While ninety-four year old legendary singer Manna Dey battles for life in a city hospital, his kin are busy squabbling over his assets.


Dadasaheb Phalke awardee Manna Dey is taking his last few breaths, but that hasn’t deterred his family members from indulging in a bitter battle over his property and bank accounts. Dey’s daughter, Sumita is allegedly fighting her cousins over his estate- property in Kolkata and Bangalore, in addition to his bank accounts.

Sumita and her husband have accused her cousin Tarit Dey of swindling nearly Rs 30 lakh in cash and other valuables from a joint bank account of Manna Dey’s. The couple have also reportedly accused Tarit of transferring money and jewelry to his wife’s account, from that of Manna Dey.

Sumitra’s husband, Jnanranjan Deb alleged: “We have filed a case with Girish Park police station in Kolkata and all details about the accused are available with them. My father-in-law shared this account with the accused at a Kolkata branch of a nationalised bank.”

Another faction of the family alleges foul play by Sumitra and her husband. Dey’s grandson Sandip was saddened by the news, when he said: “My uncle, Tarit, is shattered by the attempts to malign him. The last transaction was done in 2011 and the balance in the account is Rs 12 lakh and that too in various parts. Manna Dey had authorised my uncle to handle the funds.”

Family friends have also stepped into the tangle, by commenting on the scenario. A source close to the Dey family said: “The fund was used for expenses related to renovation of our ancestral home in South Kolkata. Since the singer did not come to this city for many years, his nephew operated the account under his directions. He also added that it is possible that Manna Dey’s daughter and son-in law were doing this in an attempt to grab his assets,

Yet another section of the family, Sudeb Dey added, almost embarrassed by the turn of events: “I am dejected. This shocking turn of events will malign the image of our legendary family.”