When Fans Forgave Salman Khan


 Salman-Controversy-3  [tps_footer]Salman Khan is nothing less than an enigma for his fans. They have always loved him and will do so till he is here. His films get the maximum gains as this his fans way of showing love for him. But there have been instances when his unkempt ways forced his fans to look at him objectively. Many a times they were forced to question their unconditional love for this Khan but they have always forgiven him. Here are those instances which forced his fans to disrespect him.

1. Hit and Run

The case is still running in the court and a verdict has yet to be reached. But what happened that night hit fans’ love for him. They took time to forgive him for this. They still believe Salman was not responsible for the incident.

2. Love mera hit hit

Salman Khan is a temperamental guy and everyone is aware he has anger issues. But the stories of him hurting his ladyloves took the nation by storm. It is never manly to hit a woman and fans didn’t know how to defend him when news about him hitting Aishwarya Rai surfaced in the media.

3. Chinkara charred

Salman went to Rajasthan to shoot Hum Saath Saath Hain but also shot a Chinkara which saw him behind the bars for a few days. Yet again his fans were in two minds whether to forgive him for his blatant mistakes.

4. Elite attacks

We doubt if anyone, not even his fans, have forgiven him for saying that a lot of hype was created around 26/11 attacks because it targeted the elites. Fans might have chosen to ignore that someone they like could make such a callous remark.

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