Farah Khan Looses It All, Signs On With Business Management Company

Farah Khan has lost about 10 kgs of weight
Farah Khan has lost about 10 kgs of weight

Her debut as a leading lady has made Farah Khan do what husband Shirish Kunder and her three kids couldn’t make her do. Get seriously slim.

In the last two months Farah Khan has knocked off 10 kgs… and she’s still at it, going at the weight loss with hammers and tongs until the needle of suspicion on the weighing scale points the correct way.

Farah is working on losing at least 7-8 kgs more.

So is this the beginning of a new career as an on-camera celebrity for Farah Khan? Has she changed her mind about not doing any more films?

She has certainly embarked on a career in front of the camera and has signed on with Atul Kasbekar’s celebrity and endorsement management company Bling to look after her endorsement deals.

Kasbekar’s company looks after the careers of a host of A-lister stars.

Says Farah, “Yes I’ve signed up with Atul Kasbekar’s company. They feel after my movie there’s a market for me to endorse products. I am open to doing endorsements, as long as they’re products I’d be comfortable using myself. I’ve told Atul this. And as long as people are willing to buy the products that I’m asked to sell. But I’ll be endorsing products that are suited to my age and image.”

In the meanwhile Farah is busy shedding those kilos rapidly. “I never bothered with looking good. Now I suddenly have a chance to face the camera, so why not look my best?”

Says Farah, “My priority is my children. Everything else follows.”