Fardeen Khan Finally Lashes Out On Body Shamers


Fardeen-Khan[tps_footer]A recent picture of Fardeen Khan that went viral on the net seems to be causing him a bit of embarrassment. The hot and handsome Fardeen put on some extra kilos which caused major paparazzi over Twitter! The online world slammed him with memes about his recent “chubby” self. C’mon, that is unfair!

The one person who came out in the open to support Fardeen Khan was Adnan Sami, who was himself obese at a point of time. Adnan took to social media to show his support and tweeted “Pls stop judging ppl by their #physiques. It’s akin 2 #racism! A person is gud or bad thru d soul & not by d weighing scales! #FardeenKhan.”

Feeling pumped after Adnan Sami’s support, Fardeen lashed out at the detractors saying, “Not Ashamed, not shamed, not offended, not depressed, not blind either. Happy! Living the happiest chapter thus far with LBS to show for it!

That’s the spirit! You got it right, Fardeen. Finally.[/tps_footer]