Farhan Akhtar Takes A Strong Stand Against Fake Quote!

Farhan Akhtar Slams BJP Leader Who Said Actors Have Low IQ!

Farhan Akhtar has taken a strong stand against the fake quote being circulated online in his name.

A fake quote was being circulated online in the Farhan Akhtar’s name which promoted communal violence.

Farhan Akhtar called for Twitter India’s attention on the matter and appealed a strong action to be taken against those spreading communal violence.

The actor also wrote a message to his followers to be very cautious about what they chose to believe on social media.

The actor shared a series of post on his twitter account refuting the rumor, he wrote,”@TwitterIndia this is a malicious tweet with a statement that I did not make being ascribed to me. Kindly take necessary action against this user. https://twitter.com/drgpradhan/status/958038874436988932 …”

Farhan Akhtar again tweeted writing,”To my followers and other users of this platform, Please be very cautious about what you choose to believe on social media. There are sinister forces at work trying their best to foster hate. Be aware of it and do your research before believing and/or reacting to anything”

The message attributed to Farhan’s name justified the death of those who were killed in the communal violence that erupted in Kasganj, U.P on Republic day.

An Imposter posted a screenshot which contained the photo of the actor and a statement written. This was done to give the entire incident a communal flavor.

Farhan Akhtar has set the record straight and has taken a strong stand against those spreading communal tension.

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