Vikram Bhatt’s Untouchables Inspired By Real-Life Events


The much-awaited digital show, Untouchables, starring Vikram Bhatt and television actor Sreejita De will soon go live on Vikram Bhatt’s own OTT platform VB Theatre on the Web.

The story revolves around a medical student who is an escort and gets trapped in a murder trap of her wealthy client. Vikram Bhatt who plays a lawyer named Aakash Awasthi comes to her rescue.While the show is largely a courtroom – drama, what is unknown that it is inspired by real-life events. Sreejita De’s character in the digital show is actually based on a real life girl by the name by Amanda Knox, an American writer and activist who was in prison for four years post a wrongful conviction.

While researching on the show, it was his daughter Krishna Bhatt who came across the case and then developed the idea into a script adapting the struggle of Amanda Knox for a limited series which was then made into a 10 part series.

A source close to the Bhatt’s say “While Krishna was working on a concept to work with she came across this case. Vikram and Krishna found Amanda’s story very interesting. They gave a Indian background to one of the most iconic court cases of America”.