Feeling Demotivated? These 12 Dialogues From Bollywood Films Will Inspire You!

Feeling-Demotivated-These-12-Dialogues-From-Bollywood-Films-Will-Inspire-YouWhat is art? Art is about expressing oneself or finding yourself in it. Music, drama, writing… Films, all of these things are different forms of art. Films are not only made to entertain ourselves and earn millions at the Box Office. Well some films are, but there are also some Bollywood films that are made to express, touch our lives and change us in one way or the other. Their stories, their actions and their dialogues, they have inspired us so many times and they still continue to do so.

We have learned a number of lessons from these films as we have grown up watching them. Today, we bring you list of 12 dialogues that have had such an amazing impact on us, that they inspired us in different stages of our lives. If you are feeling blue and need a little motivation today, go through the list. We are sure, you’ll find just what you are looking for. Take a look!

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