Fine Imposed On Shah Rukh Khan!

srk-trouble[tps_footer]All those who feel that stars only enjoy a luxurious life, name and fame, tons of fans chanting their names and endless attention, are not completely wrong to say this. But there is a flip side to it as well. The more they earn success and the more they are watched, more things about them get noticed and anything about them can make a breaking news or create a big controversy and it can make them pay a big price too.


This time it’s Shah Rukh Khan, who is facing the heat for constructing a ramp for his vanity bus outside “Mannat” without legal permission. And this move of SRK didn’t go well with activist Anil Galgali, who filed a case against him for illegally constructing a ramp and encroaching upon public property for his private use to park his own vanity bus that is creating problems for the common people and causes a lot of traffic and many more issues. In reply to this case, BMC imposed a fine of 1.93 lakhs on Shah Rukh Khan to be paid or else it would create more troubles for him. However, King Khan is out of this trouble for now because he followed and respected the decision of the law and paid the fine.


On 14th Feb, valentines day where some hearts come together or get broken. SRK‘s ramp for his vanity bus was also getting broken by BMC along with heavy police protection to avoid any problems from SRK fans and create more issues. After breaking it down, SRK was asked to pay fine of 1.93 lakhs with seven days. He cleared it in 11th March after taking advices from his lawyers and going through legal process.[/tps_footer]

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