First One-Take Uncut Film: Pocket Gangsters


Pocket-Gangster4[tps_footer]Director Hemant Nilim Das who has directed Pocket Gangsters says, “PG is India’s first one-take, uncut film that takes you on a mind-boggling journey. Dubbed as gangster thriller, the movie has been inspired by true events. It is based on the distressing topic of kidnapping and stars Shivangi Mehra as the female lead. Raghubir Yadav makes a come back after a long hiatus. He portrays the character of a blind gangster.”

‘Pocket Gangsters’ is directed by Hemant NIlim Das and is produced by Vikram M Shah of Ciemme Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Debanjali Biswas and Shalmali Kholgade have added a new zing and energy to the hostage-drama-cum-comic-thriller film Pocket Gangsters. Pareshaan fame singer Shalmali Kholgade lent her voice for the Janiyaa Jaaniyaa track of Pocket Gangsters while Debanjali Biswas has sung the track Halke Halke.

Raghubir Yadav believes this role was a tough one to master as the movie is a one take movie. He worked hard on the preparation of the movie a few months before it went on floor. Raghubir was so immersed in the portrayal of his character that he visited a blind school just to educate himself on the topic. To have a full understanding of their limitations, he bought a stick and started counting his steps. Later on, he used a blindfold and practised it a few times at home. He jelled along fine with his fellow co-stars, Vijay Raaz and Madhur Mittal, and had a great time enacting his part in the film.

The veteran actor has already proved his acting prowess long back with ‘Massey Sahib‘, which won him two international awards and Mira Nair`s ‘Salaam Bombay!’. Known as an all-round entertainer, he has composed the title track for the hit TV show Chacha Chaudhary and also sung ‘Mehngai Dayain’ for Aamir Khan`s ‘Peepli Live’.
The movie stars Madhur Mittal of Slumdog Millionaire and Million Dollar Arms fame and Shivangi Mehra in the lead and is slated to release on 26th September this year.

Says Hemant Nilim Das, “PG is loosely based on the story of the kidnapping and murder of an NGO-activist Sanjay Ghose and is a hostage drama cum comic thriller. It is the story of a girl who is worth millions. The plot has numerous twists and turns, the storytelling is highly cathartic and the music is romantic.  A true gangster spirited feature.…the film engages you from the beginning till end with shock and awe.”

The cast includes Shivangi Mehra who had a small role in Once Upon a Time Dobara, Raghubir Yadav of Peepli Live, Vijay Raaz known Dedh Ishqiya, Mukesh Bhatt, Monalisa & also stars Hemant Nilim Das.

Sanjiv Singh is the cinematographer of the film,  story, screenplay and dialogues are by Hemant Nilim Das, production co-ordinator – Manish R. Sharma, music by Lucky – Navi & Chanchal, lyrics are by Hemant Nilim Das & Lucky, while the action directors are Darshan Singh, Raju & Fayaz.

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