Forming A Bond? Katrina Kaif Helps Neetu Singh Tackle Stage Fright


MUMBAI: It is common knowledge that Bollywood mother-son duo Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Singh performed together at the Colors Screen Awards, which was held on 12 January. But what many don’t know is that Neetu Singh, who hasn’t been on stage in the recent past, was very nervous about her performance. And we hear that it was none other than the gorgeous Katrina Kaif who saved the day!

Our sources tell us that Neetu Singh bumped into actress Katrina Kaif back stage. That’s when Katrina, who has performed on stage several times, offered her a few tips to boost her morale and even gave her a few words of advice and encouragement.

A source claims that, “Kat even told Neetu what to do if she forgot her steps in front of the audience. It’s their little secret!”

The source added, “Katrina managed to boost her morale. Neetuji was supposed to dance along with Ranbir. She was very tensed and that’s when she bumped into Kat.”

For many  years now, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been linked together, and have supposedly been a couple on and off. Gossip-mongers also suggested that the actors spent New Year’s together in New York.

With all the speculation doing the rounds, Ranbir recently broke his silence and announced that he was upset with the media constantly linking him with the actress. Katrina, on the other hand, has chosen to remain silent. But it seems, her actions speak louder than words!