A Gentleman Review: Double Trouble, But Half The Fun

a gentleman review

Sidharth Malhotra plays Gaurav and Rishi. The former is straight-laced and slightly boring, or so thinks his colleague and friend Kavya, played by Jacqueline Fernandez. The latter is the polar opposite – leading a secret life as a highly trained fighting machine who works for a special government division called Unit X. Gaurav lives in Miami; Rishi is based in Mumbai. Gaurav wears long-sleeved shirts and keeps a neat home. Rishi has guns strapped to his chest and tattoos covering his wounds.

Writers and directors Raj and DK nicely keep you guessing about the relationship between Gaurav and Rishi. It’s one of the smarter parts of this action comedy. Raj and DK are the directors behind the irreverent and highly enjoyable 99 and Go Goa Gone. A Gentleman is not quite as risky as the latter and not as fun as the former, but there are flashes of their brand of humour and storytelling. And those are the bits that make A Gentleman come alive.

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The comedy works – with the best gags going to two supporting characters Dikshit (Hussain Dalal) and Jignesh (Amit Mistry), but the action scenes are dull. Malhotra is easy on the eyes but he cannot pull off the part of the undercover agent as well as he slips into the garb of the nice boy Gaurav who makes an immediate good impression on Kavya’s parents. But Kavya thinks Gaurav is too safe; she seeks some thrills in her otherwise regular life. Will Gaurav get the girl? What is the connection between Rishi and Gaurav – if any? Will Rishi’s sinister boss, known as Colonel (Suniel Shetty) manage to prevent Rishi from leaving the Unit? What is it that this Unit does anyway?

Fernandez and Malhotra share good chemistry and she seems to be having a great time as showing off her skills with a pole and playing the part of the air-head without restraint. This is unlike the Raj and DK who seem to have held back and not gone the whole hog with the comedy and certainly not with the action, but only thickly laid on the gloss and glamour.

Rating: **

Tara Agrawal

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