Gulshan Devaiah’s Adorable Father’s Day Message Will Make Your Heart Melt


Gulshandeviah1[tps_footer]Gulshan Devaiah is one of the rare actors in Bollywood who believe in performing well over just delivering dialogues. He is best known for his roles in movies like ‘Shaitan’ opposite Kalki Koechlin, ‘Hate Story’ and ‘Hunterrr’. While Gulshan may not be the stereotypical male actor we’ve grown accustomed to, he certainly takes the cake when it comes to showing his more emotional side.


In a recent text to his father on the occasion of Father’s Day, here is what the actor had to say.


Dear Dad,

I remember. I remember you taking me to the cinema to watch my first movie, it was an animated film, “The Lady and the Tramp”. I think you made me miss school that day. I remember you losing on purpose in a game of carom so I could win the packet of sweets I loved so much and how much candy we used to eat together. I remember watching you fix things around the house and for others too. Sorry I could not become a doctor like you had wished, I couldn’t even manage to become an engineer like you. Many years went by and I could see the worry in your eyes; you worried about me, as I aimlessly went about my life. I thank you for being patient with me, foe teaching me things that are invaluable to me now, thank you for teaching me that quality is more important than quantity and how to be useful. But most of all, thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams, the dreams that sparkled in my eyes because you sang those Hindi film songs that I came to love; you gave me my dreams. Please forgive me for not being at home, helping you, as you keep yourself busy with the house, mum and helping others. I hope I make you proud; all I want is for you to be proud of me. My identity is incomplete without your name. I love dad,

Happy Father’s Day.

Your loving son

“the little worm”

Gulshan Devaiah

Gulshan Devaiah

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