Guneet Monga’s New Short Film Shut Up Is Inspiring!


Guneet Monga has carved a unique niche for herself being a daring woman producer who has backed some high on content films in the recent past. Her last release Haraamkhor won a landmark judgment in the court when it overcame the ban on the film and had a successful release in January 2017. Now after the success of Haraamkhor, Guneet Monga has produced a new short film – Shut Up directed by debutant Ashutosh Pathak.

The film comes in well in the time given the recent and ongoing uproar in the nation owing to several incidents as recent as the Gurmehar Kaur incident where freedom of speech of the common people has been questioned time and again. Where a few years ago having a moderate stance for politics, in general, was acceptable, today a sense of extremism has been lurking a sense of fear amongst people. The story follows a regular guy who finds himself participating in a silent protest only to find a revolution in the most unlikely place.

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Speaking about the film, Guneet said, “It’s time we get out there and speak. Our voices need to be heard and as the film makes it’s our responsibility. While social media is working on setting an option we need to reflect. We do live in a strange time where options are being manufactured. Hoping each one of us can be the change we wish to see“.

Adding to her thoughts, director Ashutosh said, “Conflicting point of views are not the real cause for concern here – we’ve always been a country of Saffron vs Pink, Sachin vs Dravid, or Lata vs Asha – the thing that worries me is that we have seemed to forgotten how to debate over these things constructively. From the Well of the Parliament to our dinner tables, we’re like a bunch of monkeys shouting ”Off with your Head!!” every time anyone disagrees with us. It’s funny and scary at the same time, and that’s the feeling I wanted to highlight with this film – are we really free to speak our minds, or just getting fearful, and learning how to Shut Up“.

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